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Referral Program - Fayetteville Office

We would love your referrals!

Your referrals mean the world to us at MAX Insurance Agency, Inc. ("MAXIA").  We work hard to earn each referral with great WOW service and appreciation for your business every day. As our way of saying thank you, we hope you'll participate in our referral program.

Here's how it works:

Each time we receive a referral from you, we will do the following:

  • Send you a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

  • Donate $10 to one of two charities:

  • Enter your name into our drawing for $100.


What qualifies as a referral?  A referral is when we get a call, email or a website request for a quote from someone saying you referred them to us.  And don't worry, we'll ask every time someone calls. Each referral you've given throughout the referral period equals one entry for our drawing.  That's it. The person you refer doesn't have to purchase a policy from us for your referral to count.

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Terms of MAXIA Referral Program:  A referral is when a prospect in PA contacts us and tells us that a person referred them to us. Contact may be via phone, email or website form. The referral does not have to purchase a policy.  A referrer is defined as a customer of MAXIA or other person who makes a referral that is approved by MAXIA.  A referrer can refer up to 20 people during the referral period.  The referral period is January 1 - December 9, 2022.  Drawing will be held after December 9, 2022. MIIMG Employees are excluded from the program.

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Contact Us 

Tel 800-832-4689


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