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Starting a Safety Ministry

By Brad Shrum

Starting a Safety Ministry should be considered by all churches, no matter the size of the congregation or the location.

Here are three basic concepts to help a church start an effective safety ministry.

1. Value Church leaders are called first to be shepherds of their congregation. This is not simply the pastor’s duty, but to all who serve in different ministries. Secondly, church leaders are called to be good stewards of the resources and assets that have been entrusted to their care. Thirdly, it is an act of love within the church and outside the church walls as an ongoing ministry based upon this foundation.

2. Team Creating a team of entrusted congregation members that will include an education and dedicated focus. This is actually a ministry team identifying fields of facility management, human resources, insurance, and law enforcement. A team of between 5 and 10 members usually is enough to start. It is vital that the church board and pastoral staff support this ministry for it to have the success the creation desires.

3.  Work This third concept is where the assembled team steps out and addresses safety issues both within the church and outside of the church building. The team will also be responsible to work with the church leaders after identifying risks and usually consists of a variety of ways to implement their findings.



These tips on Starting a Safety Ministry are from the GuideOne SafeChurch risk management program, an exclusive benefit for GuideOne church customers.  Is your church insured with GuideOne?  You can join today and access other safety resources.


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