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Quilting from the Heart

By Diane Hebdon

Last month I was able to participate in a great service opportunity. Our local quilt shop, Patchwork Plus, had asked for donations of fabric to be cut for pieced quilts. Many hours over several days were spent matching and pre-cutting fabric. The day I went, we had nine quilters, and I was able to piece two quilts. I also spent a Saturday afternoon there, and pieced one more. These are being finished (backing, batting and binding) by even more volunteers.

This was a wonderful day. I set up about 9am and was there until 5:45pm. The quilt shop provided a yummy lunch of grilled cheese and soup. It was fun meeting other women and talking about their families, hobbies and faith. Everyone was so willing to help others who might not be as experienced (me!). Many of them spend lots of hours donating their work to those in need, and I discovered many other service opportunities in our little ‘burg.

I was able to learn more about quilting, and finished three quilt tops myself!

Most of the quilts will be donated to Mercy House, a local charity, which will give these quilts to mothers and children who come through their shelter program. The quilts will be placed on their beds as they arrive and the residents can take the quilts with them as they transition out on their own.

Also Patchwork Plus is donating some of the pieced quilts to Prayers and Squares, a charity that works through some of the local churches. These quilts will be given to specific people in need of prayer.

Thanks, MAX, for encouraging our team to get out into our communities and serve. By providing available volunteer days into our schedule, MAX truly shows its HEART!!


About Diane

Diane Hebdon Wife, mother of 6, grandmother of 16, and insurance agent! Direct phone: 540-437-1658

Diane joined the MAX team in June of 2013 and has over 30 years of experience in various areas of the insurance industry. She loves working with her members and helping them with their insurance needs. Spending time with her family and playing with her big golden retriever, Farley, are her favorite things to do. Diane also enjoys writing, swimming, travel, and knocking things off her bucket list. Para-sailing in Mexico and singing karaoke are two recent ones checked off.

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