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Nursery Safety Ministry

by Brad Shrum

This month’s church safety post focuses on the nursery ministry that takes place during your church’s worship service.

Church-operated nurseries and toddler areas can be enriching for children and serve as convenient programs for parents while they are attending worship services. However, churches that have nurseries and toddler areas onsite must be fully aware of the risks associated with caring for young children. A variety of steps must be taken to minimize those risks with proper safety and security measures. Ultimately, the church must assume full responsibility for the well-being of every child entrusted to the organization.

Any area in the church that is used for a nursery or toddler care should be inspected on a weekly basis to identify potential hazards. Modifications to the area also may be necessary so it provides children with the safest and most secure environment possible.

Here are some Room Set Up tips for a healthy environment within a nursery:


Have procedures in place for warming bottles to protect children from burn injuries.


Keep diapering areas separate from children's play areas.


Equip doors to closets, hallways, and other rooms with a lock.


Keep drapery and blind cords out of reach of cribs and children, as they a pose strangulation and entanglement hazard.


Any dresser, shelves, or similar equipment should be appropriately anchored to the wall to prevent them from accidentally tipping over.

Any lower drawers of dressers, file cabinets, or similar furniture should be equipped with appropriate latches to keep children from being able to open them.


Keep a kit in an accessible location;

Inventory the kit on a regular basis; and

Keep a log of when and who conducted the inventory.


Periodically test hot water temperature to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep a log of when and who tested the water.

Things to Note...

Along with the room set up, there are also items such as electrical outlets being covered, the need for a carbon monoxide detector, smoke detectors in the room areas, and any television, audiovisual equipment, and cords and wires to be safely out of a child’s harm's way.

While much of a nursery ministry can and should be managed with a common sense child safety approach, there should be a quarterly inspection conducted with the children’s minister and volunteer staff empathizing all of these mentioned characteristics.

Volunteer staff will be the subject of later blogs as the risk management needs are vital and far-reaching.


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