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New Product: Life Insurance

By Kim Bronder

MAX Insurance Agency, Inc. is excited to announce that we offer over 80 different life insurance products!

The most important item in your home to protect and insure is your life. The purpose of life insurance is to provide a financial benefit to your dependents upon a premature death. Without your income, your family might not be able to afford the mortgage, pay for education, even everyday expenses.

Life insurance pays the benefit to your loved ones, which can help replace lost income or pay off debt (mortgages, student loans, credit cards, funeral expense, etc.).

Depending on your need – Term, Final Expense, Whole, Universal - the right life insurance policy can provide you and your dependents peace of mind.

Are you ready for multiple life insurance quotes? The process is super simple, just click this secure link.

Do you have a question about life insurance? Our team is available and ready to help you. Contact us today at 800-832-4689.


About Kim

Avid traveler, Mom of Three Daughters, and Insurance Agent

Direct Phone – 913-754-3807

Kim Bronder has been with MAX since 2011 and has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. When Kim is not at work, she loves to travel, cook and read. Kim and her husband of 35 years are involved with Retrouvaille, a ministry that helps married couples strengthen and heal their marriages. She has three grown daughters, two sons-in-law and two grandchildren. Kim enjoys the spring and summer months where she can tend to her garden.

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