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May is National BBQ Month

National BBQ Month is here! It’s time to clean off the grill, grab your favorite pun-ny apron, and get your grill on.

This is the month where the kitchen gets a break, the house can cool off and everyone can enjoy the nice weather outdoors while smelling some delicious food on the grill.

Here are some steps to maximize your BBQ month:

Step One: Swap recipes. Get with a friend or hop online and find new recipes or marinades to try out. It’s a whole month of BBQ, so you can try more than one recipe while having all month to perfect it.

Step Two: Don’t be afraid to throw down some veggies. BBQ isn’t solely about the meats. Grilling with vegetables enhances the flavor. Not to mention your grill will look like a BBQ News centerfold with a rainbow of colors surrounding the meats.

Step Three: Pass the tongs. Grab your kids and teach them the ways of the grill. If they’re too young to get near the flames, teach them proper prepping methods. Grilling becomes a whole family affair and they can become the best grill helpers. If they are old enough, now is your chance to pass on that age-old wisdom of how much seasoning is just right, when is the best time to flip the burger, etc.

Step Four: Make it a party! Take turns hosting cookouts at different grills with your neighbors and friends. Finish the nights off in May with some s’mores over the cooling coals and you’ve got the perfect spring evening.

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