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Impact Old Southside 2019

By Lexi Myer

For the second year in a row, I helped my husband lead a group of college students to a neighborhood in inner-city Indianapolis. We partnered with a church plant called “Impact Old Southside” that has moved families into the community so they can begin to learn and help the people there.

This year we took a great group of students from KU, a couple from our church, and our three young kids on the mission trip. My main responsibilities were to drive part of the crew from Lawrence, KS to Indianapolis, IN, cook the meals, and pitch in where needed. My favorite part of the trip was the day that a group was working to build a community garden, and the kids and I walked over to help. My daughter Audrey (3) and son Elijah (1.5) strapped on their rain boots and “helped” the students by throwing mud and getting dirty. If nothing else, they brought some laughter to the group and had an experience to serve the community at a young age.

My husband Matt and I are passionate about meeting people where they are to help them. Impact Old Southside is doing exactly that. Instead of just coming in and telling the people what they need, they sit, listen, and act where needed. They have built a pocket park, community garden, provided free lunches to kids, and are working on a large building to hold community events. They are building relationships with people and doing everything in their power to show people love. We are so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this group and hope that we can continue to bless the people of Indianapolis with mission trips in the future.

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