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I just graduated from college! What do I need to do about my insurance?

By Lexi Myer

I live in Lawrence, KS so I am surrounded by college students every day. I love college students, and I truly feel a passion for helping college students navigate the tricky years of college. As an insurance agent, I feel that it is important to inform college students about how their insurance needs could change now that they are no longer a student. So graduates, check these points out.

  • You might need your own auto insurance. As a student living away from home, most auto insurance carriers allow students to stay on their parents' policies. However, once you graduate and move out on your own to pursue life after school, most insurance carriers will require you to be on their own insurance policy. However, if you are moving back to your parent’s house, you are still eligible to be on your parent’s policy.

  • You should get your own renter’s insurance. If you do indeed move into your own place, your contents are likely no longer covered by your parent’s homeowner’s insurance policy. Renter’s insurance is vital to have, and I often suggest it for college students, as they are usually inexpensive to have. You can pick the amount of coverage you have for your items, choose a deductible, and have liability insurance.

  • Find an independent agent and establish a relationship with them. Independent agents will shop insurance with their carriers to make sure you have the best rate. They also give you a knowledgeable point of contact if you ever have questions about insurance. This also gives you a trusted relationship with an agent when you move to a point of buying a home, getting married and combining insurance policies, and needing life insurance to protect your family.

If you are in need of any help or have any questions about what your insurance needs to look like at any stage of life, please let me know! I pride myself on educating my clients on insurance coverage, and what is necessary at their point in life.

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