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Honesty Day – April 30

Honesty is the best policy, but sometimes honesty is difficult. Honesty Day was created to encourage straightforward communication in all aspects of our lives, even politics. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Hirsh Goldberg, chose the last day of April to counter April 1st which marks April Fools’ Day.

Honesty Day is a day to recognize small exaggerations or a bending of the truth, encouraging all to be mindful of telling the truth. So, what is the most honest profession? According to this Gallup poll, for the 17th year in a row, Registered Nurses rank as the most honest profession. Insurance agents did not make the list, but we believe our team would be at the top. We value honesty each and every day by holding ourselves to a high standard of customer service. If you want your insurance policy placed with a well-respected carrier, give us a call or complete our quote request form today. We’d love to help you have the right protection for your home, auto, business or church – honest!

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