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Have you heard about our Referral Program?

MAX Insurance Agency has a referral program. What is that exactly?

Each time we receive a referral from you, we will do the following:

· Send you a $10 Amazon Gift Card

· Donate $10 to a charity

· Enter your name into our drawing for $100

Each of our MAX Insurance Agency office locations has its own local charity options.

You may ask what qualifies as a referral? A referral is when we get a call, email or a website request for a quote from someone saying you referred them to us. And don't worry, we'll ask every time someone calls. Each referral you've given throughout the referral period equals one entry for our drawing. That's it. The person you refer doesn't have to purchase a policy from us for your referral to count.

Check out each of our office location’s referral program charities and terms here:

If you have any questions, call us at 800-832-4689 or email us at We’d be glad to explain the program to you.

Thank you for your referrals!

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