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Goshen Office Delivers Donation Checks to Referral Program Charities

Who says insurance isn’t fun? We love insurance and a very fun part of it at our agency is delivering checks to charities in our towns.

Brad Kauffman of our Goshen, Indiana office delivered checks to two charities earlier this year: LoveWay Projects Inc. and Middlebury Food Pantry.

Both of these organizations are a part of our Goshen office’s Referral Program. Each time we receive a referral from someone, we will donate $10 to LoveWay or Middlebury Food Pantry. In addition, we will send a $10 Amazon gift card to the referrer and enter that person in our drawing for $100. More details about our Referral Programs for Goshen and our other locations can be found here.

Brad happily delivered a check for $280 to LoveWay and a check for $250 to Middlebury Food Pantry.

Wow! 53 people participated in our Goshen office’s Referral Program. Will we deliver larger checks next year? That’s up to you, Goshen and Elkhart County! Refer your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to MAX Insurance Agency and then you can choose LoveWay or Middlebury Food Pantry to receive a $10 donation.

We’d love to tell you more about our Referral Program. We would also love to help you save time, get expert advice, and help you understand what you’re buying. We love insurance and, yes, our team thinks it is fun. Whether it’s insurance for your home, auto, farm, small business or church, call us at 800-832-4689 or complete our Contact Us form today.

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