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FAQ: Why do I need a certificate of insurance?

By Terria Gallagher

Why do I need a certificate of insurance?

This is a question we as your insurance agent hear often. Some of the more common events that may require a certificate are one day event parties, such as weddings, birthday parties, retirement parties, and baby showers. Often times when you rent a facility to have one of these events, the owner of the building will require a certificate of insurance. These event facilities want to make sure you have adequate liability coverage on the occurrence the event space is damaged in any way by you or attending guests.

Now that we have talked about when you as the homeowner may need to supply a Certificate of Insurance, let’s explore the times you may need to request a certificate.

As a homeowner, the large percentage of time you request a certificate is when you are having work done to your home. The purpose of acquiring a certificate of insurance is to make sure the person or company doing the work has appropriate insurance coverage for that work. Most often, commercial certificates of insurance are needed for general liability or workers compensation insurance. The policy would be activated if your contractor causes damage to your property or injury to you or a family member. Without making sure they have enough coverage, you could be stuck paying for those repairs/injured. The recommended amount of liability coverage your contractor should have listed on the certificate should be at least $1 million.

At MAX Insurance Agency, Inc., we can help you with your home insurance and commercial insurance needs, including certificates of insurance.

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