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Advice for First Time Homebuyers

Are you looking to buy your first home? Our team reflects back on our first homes and we sure do have a lot of experience, fun, work, advice and lessons learned. Here are some thoughts from MAX Insurance Agency team members:

Brad S:

We rented for several years and then had our home in Stanley built in 1987. We have been here ever since as the backyard was large enough for two active boys. Definitely different than renting the early years and am thankful for the area we’ve seen grow so much in this time.

A major event occurred on April 3, 2011 when the south Overland Park hail storm hit. We had just put a new roof on ourselves two weeks before. But Chris and her talented staff came through like they always do. Only insurance claim in my lifetime.


One of the biggest things to get used to was that any maintenance and upkeep expenses were now ours, not the landlord we had relied on for so long. I also remember being thankful for family and friends who had already gone down this path for their help and advice.



We rented until we bought our first home in Dublin, Ohio in 1983. I remember having to call my dad…a lot! (before YouTube or Google!) to ask about house upkeep or repair. I remember buying furnace filters and feeling so happy about it!

Home Insurance advice:

Ask LOTS of questions – and then listen. And talk with an agent who also knows how to listen. Get water/sewer backup!



We bought our first home in 1986 in Raytown, MO. It was small, but it was ours and pride of ownership is a real thing! We did furnish everything but the finished basement, however, the house was so small, it didn’t take much, haha. We had to buy a lawnmower and a washer and dryer which was not needed as a renter.


Find out where everything is in the event of an emergency such as the main valve water shut off.

Home Insurance Advice:

Be sure to ask questions to your agent so you understand how home insurance works.



I along with my hubby bought our first home when I was 23. There wasn’t a lot in our price range in our area but we finally found this one. I remember thinking how nice it was (since it was brand new) and how great it was to have an attached garage. It was located just outside of our hometown in Rochester, so it had a country feel to it. We rented homes prior to that and moved a couple of times as we out grew each of them. We did furnish it with some new furniture. We had to buy a mower and everything to maintain the yard. I luckily was already working in the insurance business so I knew the necessity and value of each coverage.


Think about the size of your current furniture or the size you may want to buy and compare to the space you have available in the new home. Houses always look much bigger when they are empty. We quickly grew out of our first house because of this.

More Advice: Be sure to get an inspection and thoroughly go through the inspection report. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for necessary repairs to be made, almost everything is negotiable with the seller.



First home purchased was in Omaha, NE 1977 after being married for a year and living in an apartment. Purchasing a refrigerator, freezer (my in-laws deemed it necessary), washer, dryer and of course a lawnmower. The stove was given to us from my in-laws as they had two. Go figure.

Home Insurance Advice:

Have the home inspected before the purchase. Get to know your insurance agent.



I bought my first home when I was 24 years old and newly moved to Bluffton. Buying a house felt like a big deal to me and I was a little overwhelmed with all the extra work involved. It wasn’t a fixer-upper but I remember all the things you do to a house to make it your own seemed like a bunch of work at the time. We didn’t have much money so we furnished it with second hand items we collected along the way. Shortly after we moved in I replaced the roof. I enlisted a bunch of my friends to help me and did it over a weekend myself. It was mid-July and so hot that the glue holding the soles of my sneakers on melted right off!

Advise to a first time home buyer:

1) Deep clean & do your painting BEFORE you move in. 

2) Learn where everything is…Your furnace filters, your water and gas cutoffs, etc.

Home Insurance Tip:

1) Trust the professionals at MAX Insurance Agency.


Brad K:

We bought our first (and only) home in 2003. After renting for 8 years and moving 7 times we were very excited to have a place of our own, bury us in the backyard because we’re not moving any more.

Our furnishings were primarily haphazard cast offs, and we did a little work to the house before moving in – though not nearly enough. The best time to make changes is before filling the house with your stuff!

Advice for first time homebuyers:

Ask questions: about the home, about insurance, anything. Thinking back I had absolutely no idea what insurance was, I probably didn’t ask enough questions.



We bought our first home in Arlington, TX when we were 24 years old and felt proud, accomplished and hopeful. It was brand new, small and we filled it up quickly with antiques. I had my sweet husband repaint the kitchen 7 different colors until it was JUST the right color to match the duck wallpaper border! We started accumulating a lot of tools to take care of the large yard.

Advice for first time homebuyers:

Get to know your neighbors so you can borrow stuff from each other!! And figure out a way to get into the house if you lock the keys inside!

Home insurance Advice:

Do not be afraid to ask your MAX Agent any question about your new investment - your home. We are here to educate and provide protection! Complete our Contact Us form or call us at 800-832-4689.

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